Thursday, March 22, 2007

Helping a Sudanese Refugee to Medical School in Uganda, Africa

So I found a request on GiveMeaning that I responded to.

Help send an African student to medical school! Uganda has only 1 physician for every 100,000 patients while in the United States there are 28 doctors for every 100,000 people. Patrick Otim is a Sudanese refugee living in Uganda. He wants to become a doctor and has the qualifications to do it, he just needs the tuition.

Patrick is in his second year, and they have already raised about half the money needed. Creating a doctor is like lending to a business, it will have a lot of good effects in the future.

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Tom @ said...

Thanks for posting this! If you click on the Photo Gallery tab, you will see Patrick's most recent report cards. He's doing really well!

Also be sure to browse around our brand new website. A key new feature is that you can submit news stories from your community or anywhere in the world that need the attention of our online community!

Take care!

--Tom Williams,
CEO, GiveMeaning