Friday, March 09, 2007

Four new Kiva Countries - up to 10%!

There seems to have been a flurry of activity over at Kiva, lots of new loans and some new countries! I had to jump on the new country bandwagon, so I could add to my Kiva travel map. I am now loaning to people in 10% of the countries in the world.

My new loans are to Gavkhar Mardonova in Chkalovsk , Tajikistan. She used to be a famous theatre dancer until the civil war, and now she sells spare parts.
I also loanded to Celanda Zabala in Los Alcarrizos , Dominican Republic.
She has had several microloans and uses them to make her store better. She also makes specialized cheeses.

I bid on a loan for Mafwa KOLA in Kinshasa , the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is a retailer and has dreams of becoming a wholesaler and creating jobs for many people. Its really exciting to be able to help someone like him.
And I also loaned to ANNA MIKOROTI in Dar es Salaam , Tanzania. She wants to expand her shop with a $550 loan. She mostly sells consumable goods which are in high demand. Good luck to you Anna.

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