Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Kiva Country and loans in Teguigalpa, Honduras

I happened to be at Kiva, and I found some exciting new loans to bid on!

Guilhermina Muianga lives in Catembe, Maputo , Mozambique and is going to use her Kiva loan to fill her shelves with more products. She's got lots of empty shelves to fill!
Guilhermina is the local grocery for at least 60 families.

I also found two loans in Teguigalpa, Honduras. These are the first loans to a city I have actually been to, and will probably go there within a year. I loaned to Allan Gustavo Salgado Panaderia Allan for a new bakery so she can fufill her dream.

And I loaned to
Margarita Reyna Sierra Midence, Variedades Sierra who sells clothing

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