Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kiva' Investment Groups First Investment

I loaned today to our first sponsoree for the pondering pig's Kiva's Investment Group. Her name is Tatyana Ryeznik and she is in Berdyansk , Ukraine.

Lets see if our group can make a difference and get her funded. If you want to be in our group, just send the pondering pig your kiva handle, and come to meetings over on his blog. Meetings are fun, sometimes pie is involved. And once the co-founder of Kiva showed up!


Leonard Sadorf said...

You never know wh's gonna show up at the Pondering Pigs Pad. Maybe a KIVA Founder, maybe Janis Jolin? Maybe a Beatle?

Anyways, It's great to see your blog and your enthusiasm for changing the world. I have been politically cynnical and the eternal skeptic since working for the McGovern campaign in'72 and getting the trouncing of a lifetime from the only American president to have resigned his office.

Now there's Barak. Now politics have the potential to be exciting and real again. I see that in his eyes and in the enthusiasm of the people that are supporting him. Dead politics can be over, if we want it.

Winning and losing aside, doing the right thing must always come first. I think us Americans have forgotten that (or maybe it was just beat out of some of us).


randulo said...


Wonderful! Please spread the word about this event:

We will be doing a 24 hour LIVE podcast to raise Kiva awareness. Interviews with Matt Flannery and lots of info for people who need to be told aurally about Kiva rather than try to read about this brilliant application of the Internet and Nobel Prize winning microlending concept.